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Consigning with The Auction Block
Consignment inventory is inventory that is in the possession of the customer, but is still owned by the
supplier—in other words—YOU place YOUR inventory with The Auction Block and contract with
us to sell the inventory. The key benefit to YOU is that The Auction Block takes care of advertising,
selling and collection of funds, and YOU get the profit.

The Auction Block has better resources and a further reach than the average consumer including:
* Multi-media advertising
* Nationally viewed website
* Daily hands-on monitoring

*Prior to bringing in your inventory, it is best to consult with our experienced staff for best results.
*Commission and Fees will be discussed at the time of the contract finalization.

What are other options?
Pawn Shops: ~ A pawn shop has only one buyer—and they want to give you the
lowest possible price in order to maximize their own profit.
~ The Auction Block attempts to maximize your profit because
we work on commission.
Throwing items Away: No profit to you—this does not make sense—you have
the right to make a profit on your initial investment.

What Is the BEST Solution?
Consign with The Auction Block and TURN YOUR STASH INTO CASH!




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